Q1. Is the duty cycle fixed?

A1. Yes the duty cycle is fixed to 35 seconds on and 165 seconds off. The inclusion of another adjustable switch to vary the time introduces another potential problem from exposure to the elements. Research has also proven that most people will set and then forget.

Q2. Do you supply a timer with different duty cycles?

A2. I am happy to consider other duty cycles to suit a customers particular requirement. This will mean a delay in supply time from confirmation of order.

Q3. Is the timer water proof?

A3. The TankTimer is weather resistant. The box is sealed with silastic and the wires enter the box through a rubber grommet. I use tinned wire for obvious reasons.


Tip - Make sure you carried out the pre-installation test as detailed on the "Diagrams" page.

Fault 1: The TankTimer does not seem to work. It is wired to a "Bus Bar" in the boat.

Diagnosis 1: Some of my customers have experienced problems with Bus Bars in their boats. The problem is caused by dirty terminals. To test this situation, connect the TankTimer directly to your battery (through a known good fuse) , thus bypassing your Bus Bar. If it works now, you probably have a dirty connection on one of your Bus Bar terminals. You will need to clean your terminals and ensure you have a good connection from your battery to each terminal and to your switch. (A multimeter is the best way of testing the continuity of your wires. A 12V test lamp will probably not diagnose dirty terminals.)

Fault 2: The TankTimer worked for a short period but now it doesn't. It works in Bypass mode. I shake the timer and it rattles.

Diagnosis 2: The TankTimer has more than likely been connected in reverse polarity. Contact me for further assistance.